BIOS change announcement

A new BIOS structure has been created for PCChips motherboards that will be able to support auto-detection of LAN and IEEE 1394 features. Under the new structure, one BIOS file will support all models in a series, e.g. M930U, M930LU, M930FLU.
However, on some series’ boards with early BIOS date codes, an error message will appear saying ” Error 9 – The BIOS tag is incorrect.” This message will appear if trying to flash the BIOS on the following series boards with BIOS date codes earlier than the dates stated below:

M830/M831 series with chipset SiS735 Issue date: 1st October 2002
M920/M921/M922/M925/M927 series with south bridge VT8233/VT8235 Issue date: 2nd July 2002

1394 and LAN
M841 series with south bridge SiS962: Issue date: 28th August 2002
M930/M935 series with south bridge SiS962: Issue date: 13th September 2002

Should the error message appear, ignore it as there is NO PROBLEM and continue the BIOS flashing procedure as normal.

For BIOS date codes with later dates than these, the error message will not appear.