Liquid Cooling Solutions

Innovation has propelled in the course of recent decades and we have seen some incredible things made possible by innovation. The CPU processing scene is one such area. However, with the better clock speeds, the frameworks have a tendency to produce a high measure of heat, which can be harming to the framework and cause […]


BIOS change announcement

A new BIOS structure has been created for PCChips motherboards that will be able to support auto-detection of LAN and IEEE 1394 features. Under the new structure, one BIOS file will support all models in a series, e.g. M930U, M930LU, M930FLU. However, on some series’ boards with early BIOS date codes, an error message will […]

Putting a new twist on PC Design – Over clocking a CPU has never been so easy.

PCWave, Inc. today announces its’ EZ-Watcher technology that puts the consumer in control of the power. Users can squeeze every ounce of performance out of the processor and monitor the system on the easy to read LED management window. The LED display window on the PC chassis has the patented EZ-Watcher technology for monitoring both […]