Components for PC manufacturers dominate 13th Comdex

Exhibition brings curious and innovating products that will be in the stores by the end of the year.
Once again, the industry of PC assembly parts dominated the exhibition of IT Brazil Comdex Sucesu-SP. Full of suppliers of cabinets, keyboards and mouses, the exhibition unveiled either curious and innovating products that soon will be on the stores’ shelves. The event, which was held at the Anhembi Park, São Paulo, ended Friday.
One of the innovations that drew the attention was the Tablett ( Virtual Keyboard, which the company promises to bring to Brazil till the end of the year. The device is little larger than a lighter and projects on the table, with laser light, a true keyboard, which can be connected to PC’s or palmtops. The suggested price is about R$600.
Those who enjoy customizing their PC can already check CPU cooling solutions of Thermaltake, imported by Via Brasil ( The company demonstrated its Tower 112 (R$ 310), a very large copper tower that accelerates the heat exchange between the chip and the environment. At the exhibition, the device could reduce the temperature of a Pentium 4/ 3,2 GHz Extreme Edition from the traditional 70ºC to 36ºC.
Another outstanding component was Bigwater, a water cooler for PC’s. The kit has not a suggested price yet. But it will be cheaper than the Aquarius 3 model, which costs R$1,200.

Notebook GSM – Leadership (, through its Unicell division, announced a PCMCIA card for connection to GSM telephony networks. The card, called GPRS Unicell, costs approximately R$1,200 and connects to the Internet at a maximum nominal speed of 115 Kbps (in the field, the average performance is 47 Kbps). For the end of the year, the company promises a card that will be able to use GSM operators Edge data service.
With its own booth, Taiwanese PC Chips showed products that soon will be available in Brazil. It’s the case of EZ Watcher 2, a sophisticated barebone-type micro with autodiagnosis display and thumbwheel that increases the speed, in clock, of the processor. Or the G320 and A530+, two low cost notebooks that use Via C3 1.2 GHz and Transmeta 5800 chips, respectively. Nave Informática (, distributors of PC Chips products in Brazil, said that the A530+ notebook shall cost about R$3,000.