Putting a new twist on PC Design – Over clocking a CPU has never been so easy.

PCWave, Inc. today announces its’ EZ-Watcher technology that puts the consumer in control of the power. Users can squeeze every ounce of performance out of the processor and monitor the system on the easy to read LED management window.

The LED display window on the PC chassis has the patented EZ-Watcher technology for monitoring both CPU and system performance. The user can now monitor the frequency of the CPU as they increase the speed by simply rotating a dial on the front of the chassis. The motherboard, system memory, hard drive and CD/DVD drives are also constantly monitored, with warning lights indicating any potential problems.

The EZ-Watcher technology makes hardware monitoring as easy as knowing when to service a car. When the Memory Warning light is on, a consumer knows it’s time to replace a $20 memory module, rather than spending $800 on a new system. System integrators can also save time on diagnosing problems during the assembly process.

“With our EZ-Watcher technology, everyone can now enhance and monitor their PC performance at a glance”, says See See Lo, CEO of PCWave, Inc. “This new platform gives the white box PC makers a boost over their Tier-1 competitors.”

The PCChips EZW-3060 is the first product to be released with the EZ-Watcher technology. This system platform consists of a compact aluminum chassis, measuring 162mmx263mmx310mm, a choice of motherboards with 5 USB ports supporting Intel or AMD CPUs, a 6 in 1 Flash card reader and an external power supply that reduces fan noise. The low noise, and the 5.1 audio output make this an ideal platform for digital media applications. Prices start from $169.00.

M947 and M847 Game Demonio motherboards earn top marks from Brazilian reviewers

PCCHIPS video on-board motherboards won rave reviews from Clubedohardware, one of Brazil’s most trusted sites for impartial PC gear reviews.
The reviews, posted January 14 at http://www.clubedohardware.com.br/m947.html ;
http://www.clubedohardware.com.br/m847.html praise the M947 and M847 video motherboards for their performance and good cost/benefit ratios.

The M947 is designed for Intel Pentium 4 processors; the M847 is designed to work with Athlon or Duron processors.

“We were really impressed by the M947,” Club Edo Hardware reviewers wrote. “Unlike other on-board video motherboards, M947 has a very good performance. It is the first on-board video we have seen that performs well running the main 3D games available on the market like Quake III and Counter Strike.”
The site’s recommendation:

“If you are looking to buy a motherboard with an on-board video with good performance for your Pentium 4, the best choice is PCChips M947.” Clubedohardware displayed similar enthusiasm for the M847.”

“We were (also) really impressed by M847. Unlike most on-board video motherboards that have flooded the market, its 3D performance is very good and is the first motherboard with on-board video that can run 3D games like Quake III and Counter Strike with good performance.”

“Besides its good performance, this motherboard has an excellent overclocking capability, editors noted.”

“If you are looking for a motherboard with on-board video with good performance for your Athlon or Duron processor, the best choice is PCChips M847.”

” Game Demonio is a very appropriate name for this series, the review concluded.”

“Believe us: You won’t regret buying (either of these) motherboards.”

PCChips M985G Motherboard Delivers Industry-Leading PCI-E Pro Technology Plus Multi-Monitor Display Function

Building a bridge to the future for its customers, PCChips today debuted the M985G motherboard incorporating PCI-E Pro, an exclusive innovation found only in PCChips motherboards.
With PCI-E Pro, the PCChips motherboard can overcome original design limitations to support the PCI-E x16 slot for upgrading the expansion of a PCI-E x16 graphic card and supports the multi-monitor display.

The M985G’s multi-monitor display enables the connection of a second monitor, increasing user productivity by expanding the desktop area for multitasking. With the expanded desktop, a user can simultaneously work on more than one task by moving items from one monitor to another or stretching a single screen across two monitors.

Powered by the Intel® 915GV chipset and the latest LGA775 Intel® Pentium 4/Celeron D processors, the M985G has the muscle required for the most demanding current applications plus the power to accommodate future technological innovations. The Intel® 915GV chipset uses an 800-MHz front-side bus and includes integrated graphics and graphics engine. The chipset supports DirectX 9.0, OpenGL 1.4, Pixel Shader version 2.0 and up to 128 Mbytes of frame buffer memory. Ready to deliver outstanding performance from CRT, flat panel and wide-screen display devices, the chipset core is optimized for low power and dynamically adjusts display resolution to match a monitor’s type and aspect ratio.

The M985G motherboard 800MHz FSB, Dual DDR2 533/DDR400 architecture, PCI-E Pro and Hyper-Threading Technology combine to provide a potential framework for excellent performance while its Hyper Streaming Engine (HSE) powered by Intel enhances overall system performance and stability.

Thanks to smart integration of future and current technologies, the M985G can be easily upgraded with memory modules. With both Dual DDR2 and DDR 1 engineered in, a M985G user can enjoy the stability of Dual DDR1 and also experience the latest DDR2 architecture, all on one board. Better yet, with an onboard LAN, four Serial ATA and eight USB 2.0 ports, make the M985G a convenient solution for networking and fast peripheral connections.

In addition to providing improved performance compared to current standards, motherboards with PCI-E Pro provide scalability and investment protection for the future.
Key Specifications:
– LGA775 socket for latest Intel® Pentium 4/Celeron D processors
– FSB: 800/533 MHz
– Intel 915GV+ ICH6 chipset
– Dual-channel DDR and DDR2 memory architecture
– Two 184-pin DDR DIMM or two 240-pin DDR2 DIMM sockets support up to 2GB
– DDR400/333 2.5 V DDR SDRAM or DDR2 533/400 1.8V DDR2 SDRAM support
– One PCI-E Pro slot, one PCI Express slot, two PCI slots, one CNR slot
– Realtek RTL8110C 10/100 Mbps fast Ethernet controller
– Audio-AC’97 Codec
– Ultra DMA 100/66
– Supports 4 USB 2.0 ports
– Supports 4 SATA devices
– Micro-ATX Form Factor, 244*244mm


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