The COMPUCHANNEL Awards is organized by the Compudata and Compuchannel magazine that is distributed all over Central America and Miami.

On September 2nd 2004, the awards dinner ceremony was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Guatemala City; there, the industry’s top distributors, retailers, and other companies were amongst the many invited to be part of such event, even the Vice-President of Guatemala was an honorary present.

Prior to the ceremony, all of the companies had to each submit and present their products in front of the judges in a private room in the Hotel. After each presentation the judges would evaluate the product and review key facts that were mentioned throughout the presentation. PCCHIPS submitted three products, The TidalWave T12 (for Intel Version), the TidalWave W32 (for AMD Version), and the 9600SE Radeon (for Graphics Card).

This type of presence is extremely good for PCCHIPS, in fact it marks the beginning of a new era for PCCHIPS USA INC. A great way to celebrate our 10th year anniversary.

Congratulations PCCHIPS USA INC!!!