M947 and M847 Game Demonio motherboards earn top marks from Brazilian reviewers

PCCHIPS video on-board motherboards won rave reviews from Clubedohardware, one of Brazil’s most trusted sites for impartial PC gear reviews.
The reviews, posted January 14 at http://www.clubedohardware.com.br/m947.html ;
http://www.clubedohardware.com.br/m847.html praise the M947 and M847 video motherboards for their performance and good cost/benefit ratios.

The M947 is designed for Intel Pentium 4 processors; the M847 is designed to work with Athlon or Duron processors.

“We were really impressed by the M947,” Club Edo Hardware reviewers wrote. “Unlike other on-board video motherboards, M947 has a very good performance. It is the first on-board video we have seen that performs well running the main 3D games available on the market like Quake III and Counter Strike.”
The site’s recommendation:

“If you are looking to buy a motherboard with an on-board video with good performance for your Pentium 4, the best choice is PCChips M947.” Clubedohardware displayed similar enthusiasm for the M847.”

“We were (also) really impressed by M847. Unlike most on-board video motherboards that have flooded the market, its 3D performance is very good and is the first motherboard with on-board video that can run 3D games like Quake III and Counter Strike with good performance.”

“Besides its good performance, this motherboard has an excellent overclocking capability, editors noted.”

“If you are looking for a motherboard with on-board video with good performance for your Athlon or Duron processor, the best choice is PCChips M847.”

” Game Demonio is a very appropriate name for this series, the review concluded.”

“Believe us: You won’t regret buying (either of these) motherboards.”